Support an Earley mum’s plea for Council to provide school for her son – SIGN THE PETITION

A minute of your time may make the difference of a lifetime for someone else. Please read the following article and help by signing the following petition regarding the LACK of provisions for those with profound learning needs once they leave school in the Wokingham/Reading area (see link).

A mum from Earley is pleading with Wokingham Borough Council to provide the schooling her son has been promised.

Ribina Shahin, 45, lives in Chiltern Crescent with her son Shiraz Al-Mustafa, 19. The teen has severe special needs, he is on the autistic spectrum and has the mental age of a three or four year old.

Shiraz currently attends Addington School in Woodley but will be leaving shortly and the nearest college she has been able to find for him is in Newbury.

Wokingham Council say they will be meeting Mrs Shahin, while a further education review in Thames Valley is also set to begin soon.

However at the moment Ravenswood College, Berkshire College of Agricultural andReading College have all assessed Shiraz but cannot meet his needs, and neither can Bracknell & Wokingham College.

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