Rob Wilson MP Comments on Eid Celebrations @ Avenue School

Rob joins in Eid and Hajj celebrations at The Avenue School

Article Published: Tuesday, 22 October, 2013
On Friday 18 October Rob joined in with Eid and Hajj celebrations at The Avenue School Special Needs Academy. Many children from East Reading are pupils, benefitting from the wonderful education and pastoral care the Tilehurst-based school provides.


Rob said:

“I wasn’t aware that 60% of pupils are from the south Asian community & that’s why I was so pleased that INSAAN supported the event. The singing and dancing was enjoyed by all, with many pupils joining in. I would like to thank Dr Asif Butt and INSAAM for making The Avenue School’s Eid celebrations so enjoyable.

I would also like to praise Dame Sue Bourne and all her staff at The Avenue School as she and her team are who make this school such an inspiration for everybody crossing the threshold.”

Further information on the charity INSAAN, which stands for Integrated Network for Special and Additional Needs, can be found at www.weareinsaan.org.uk

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The article’s original source can be found here on Rob’s website.

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