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About Us


The Integrated Network for Special And Additional Needs (INSAAN) is an independent UK registered charity (1158973) and volunteer group supporting families facing disability.

Established in 2013, we offer free support and advice to all individuals with disability, as well as their parents, carers, teachers and healthcare professionals. The services of the charity are open to all and especially members of the Ethnic Minority communities within the Greater Reading area.

We aim to:

  • Promote and raise awareness of disability in general
  • Engage Ethnic Minority communities for consultation on disability issues
  • Inform, Advise and Educate on disability matters
  • Help to improve services for the disabled by working with authorities
  • Establish parents support group for families facing disability
  • Provide support for parents/carers

Our Services

INSAAN provides a variety of services to support our friends in need. We strive to provide emotional, social and informative support through the forms of advice, guidance, advocacy, counselling and therapeutic support in order to tackle the difficulties families face.

At INSAAN, we deeply care about making life a little easier for families.  Here are but a few examples of the services we provide:


Help with arranging respite for child/carer, if applicable.


Help with interpretation, if English is not your first language.


Help accompany child/carer to appointments dealing with Disability Services, Social Services, Hospital, School, GP, etc.


Help ensure that child receives appropriate Statement to cover all his/her needs.


Help with Transport arrangements for child (dependent on a reviewal).


Help ensure Service Providers are aware of the cultural and religious requirements of the child/carer.


Help with lodging complaints & help with filling forms.


Help ensure child/carer is receiving financial support and allowances they are legally entitled to.


Help in supporting child/carer when child leaves Children’s Services and moves on to Adult Services.

Meet the Team

We are people like you who live and work in the Reading area. INSAAN staff are a group of highly skilled and dedicated individuals who come from various walks of life including, medical consultants and GPs, social workers, councillors, businessmen, bankers, teachers, governors of SEN schools, IT specialists, university students, housewives and parents who have first-hand experience and connections to disability and related matters.

All have given their time on a free and voluntary basis to help and support families facing disability.