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About Us

  • Alok Sharma MP

Our Patron

We are delighted to have as our Patron Alok Sharma, Member of Parliament for Reading West and Secretary of State for International Development with responsibility for focusing on national and global developmental challenges.

Alok has been our patron since inception and has been extremely eager to accelerate the INSAAN initiative.

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“INSAAN does excellent work locally, helping children and families cope with disability issues. Respect for INSAAN’s work was reflected in the high turnout at the AGM, which was the most number of people I have ever seen at the first AGM of a charity. I am delighted with the collaboration that INSAAN has with The Avenue School and Brookfields School in my constituency and I look forward to continuing to support the charity for many years to come.”

Our Partners

INSAAN is closely partnered with the 3 leading disability schools in the Greater Reading area. We are also linked to strong organisations and charities aimed at community cohesion and projects in various sectors.

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