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About Us

Aims & Objectives

We aim to:

  • Establish a parents support group for families facing disability
  • Raise awareness of disability and disability related issues amongst the Ethnic Minority communities in the Greater Reading area
  • To help service providers and carers better understand perception of the causes of disability in the Ethnic Minority communities
  • Help untangle cultural, theological and medical belief systems in better understanding key factors associated with the causes of disability
  • To inform, advise and educate disabled members and their families about the Health, Social Services and Special Education Needs provision in the Greater Reading area
  • Promote good and effective relationships between Health, Social Services and Educational Departments and families with disability
  • To make representation or assume an advocacy role, as required, on behalf of families with disability when dealing/liaising with service providers
  • To promote direct involvement and participation of families of the disabled with disability related activities in the Greater Reading Area
  • To arrange short day trips and excursions for parents/carers

Our Vision

The Problem

In order to help with the effort to optimise the role and potential benefits of utilising service provision for the disabled, we believe that there is an urgent requirement for an independent body to fill the apparent vacuum that exists between the service providers (Health, Social Services and Special Educational needs) and Ethnic Minority families with disability.

Filling the Void

In this regard, we have set up INSAAN, a charity whose primary purpose will be to help, support and offer free, impartial advice to families with disability, as and when required.

The services of the charity are open to all with emphasis on the needs of the Ethnic Minority communities within the Greater Reading area. At the same time, the charity will liaise with the service providers to ensure the needs of all communities are met. Ways of improving existing service provision will also be explored. Having established direct links with the various service providers, i.e. Health, Social Services and SEN, we have been encouraged by the positive and favourable response of each department towards this initiative, which will be unique in the Reading area.

The Name and Acronym

The acronym “INSAAN” translates to “human being” or “mankind” in Arabic, Turkish, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Gujarati. This word was chosen because it resonates a feeling of belonging, equality and purpose in people from these communities.

The organizational structure of INSAAN comprises 6 Trustees (2 females and 4 males), 14-member operational committee (9 females and 5 males) and a 6-member health advisory panel (2 females and 4 males, all of whom are medical consultants with different specialities).

The INSAAN team has a total membership of 20 individuals who have chosen to give their time on an unpaid voluntary basis.

Our work has to be supported by a visionary patron and strong partners. Find out more here.