Special Mother’s Day Celebrations

Venue: Earley Crescent Resource Centre

Date:  Sat 14th March 2015 | 6:30pm

Tickets: Adult £10 | Child (Under 11) £5


INSAAN was delighted to have invited you to our SPECIAL Mother’s Day celebrations.

We were grateful for your company on our evening filled with inspirational speeches, delicious food and family entertainment suitable for all.


Please be aware, that our events may not suit younger children or others who may be sensitive to loud music.


Event Report
It was a full house at the INSAAN Mother’s Day event at the Earley Crescent Resource Centre. A genuine family atmosphere with warmth and mutual respect between all present. The evening was compered by sisters Zahida Younis and Shahida Kiani, who made a wonderful team as they introduced us to the evening schedule in English and Urdu. The festivities commenced with Hafiz Yasser reciting Qur’aan and then reflecting on the status of “Mother” from the Islamic perspective. He was followed by sister Farhat Khan, who recited a very moving poem in Urdu. Her passionate delivery of sentiments about mothers, whether departed or still with us, touched us all deeply and evoked special memories.

INSAAN youth representative, Sanna Younis, was next on the podium. She introduced to the audience the nature of disability and highlighted several common types of childhood disabilities. Sanna also touched on both negative and positive aspects of how the public-at-large view those with disability. Her take home message was that one should concentrate on a Special child’s ability and not the disability they may have.
Our second invited speaker was Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Farzana Abid. She explained in layperson language the complicated nature of the human brain and what happens when certain processes in parts the brain go wrong. Dr Farzana also covered the economics of mental health and further dwelled on the commonalities and significant differences between male and female brains and related thought processes. There was a short Q & A session after her presentation with some light-hearted exchanges between the speaker and the audience on the differences in gender and the “power of thought”. Dr Farzana concluded: “we are not the creation of circumstances, circumstances are the creation of us.”

The third speaker was a mother of a Special Needs young man. Ribina Shahin shared with the audience her life experience of raising a son, Shiraz, who has been disabled from birth. She gave a no-holds barred account of the challenges, trials and tribulations of dealing with disability in the family. She spoke of the highs and lows of dealing with Statutory bodies, medical professionals, SEN and social care service and other Service providers. Ribina also thanked her family for the love and support provided through thick and thin. She especially paid homage to her own mother for the unconditional love and hands-on help in caring for Shiraz. There was not a dry eye left in the hall after hearing about Shiraz and Ribina’s story. Ribina received a well-deserved ovation and applause from the audience for her bravery in speaking so candidly about her life experiences in public.

INSAAN Chair of Trustees, Raza Ahmed Sb., was asked to make concluding remarks. He lightened the mood by immediately quipping that he had been “coerced” by Dr Asif Butt (INSAAN Co-Chairman) into talking about “Motherhood”, which he felt was a strange request for a grandfather! As usual Raza sb was able to make light of a serious subject. He thanked the three key speakers for their invaluable insights into disability and also shared his thoughts on “Motherhood” through the examples set by others.
After all formalities had been completed, INSAAN Chairperson, Ruby Butt, was invited to present flower bouquets to the three key speakers as a token of appreciation.

The speeches were followed by a three course meal. As it was a Mother’s Day celebration, the menfolk decided that all the ladies would be waited upon. Thus, the meal was served by an all-male team of volunteers, which the ladies seemed to appreciate very much!! The men are now looking forward to Father’s Day!!

Once all were fed and watered, it was time to for the entertainment to begin.
Brothers and amateur musicians, Idris, Dhanyal and Shams got down to it by opening with a universally appreciated Qawwali. Allah Hoo. They followed this up with a request from the audience of Tumhe Dillagi Bhool Jaani Padhe Gi. This number really went down well, especially as it was led by the youngest of the three brothers Idris, who is only 11. Their third and final Qawwali was a Punjabi number, Akhiyan Udeek Diyan. Many of the audience showed their appreciation of the boys by offering a “whail”, and the money was placed directly into the INSAAN charity collection bucket. The audience was astounded when they were informed that despite their passion for Qawwali music, the young brothers are self-taught and cannot speak a word of Urdu or Punjabi. They converse only in English!

The warm up act was followed up by Harkirat Kaur, a graduate and music teacher, currently studying for a PhD in music from the University of Punjab. Hailing from Patiala (India), Harkirat treated us to a wide range of golden oldies, Bollywood, ghazals and Punjabi favourites. She granted several requests from the audience for some family favourites. Tabla Nawaz, Vaneet Singh accompanied Harkirat on Tabla and Dholak, along with versatile and national guitarist, Siddharth Singh.
The Special Mother’s Day celebrations were completed by 11.20pm. A great time was had by all. INSAAN would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. Long may it continue.

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