Eid-ul-Fitr Fair @ Rivermead Complex – 31.08.13

1UmmahFM.com sponsored an Eid Fair at the Rivermead Leisure Complex. INSAAN wasted no time in booking a stall. There were many other exhibitors there, including other charities.

We gave away lots of free goody bags to children and adults alike, containing a vast array of INSAAN merchandise. The tombola arranged by Seema Yad and daughter Sairah was popular with young children and sold out very quickly.

Tears of joy flowed when some parents came to learn of INSAAN and shared their stories about first hand experience of disability in the family. Many parents thanked us for starting up INSAAN as they had always wanted someone suitable to talk with about their plight. The relief in some was palpable –“like a breath of fresh air” as one mum described it. It was a very emotional and busy afternoon for the whole INSAAN team and a good way to meet lots of different people.

A special thanks to all the sisters who put in a lot of time and effort towards the catering. We could not have done it without you.

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